There are four assignments which you will have to write during your CELTA course

Assignment 1 - Focus on the Learner

In this first assignment you may be asked to interview and find out information about an individual adult learner from one of your teaching practice classes, or about one of the groups of learners you will be teaching so that you can write a class profile.

Both types of assignment feed into your teaching very well because by knowing about your learners you can make more decisions about what materials to use with them and how to teach them,

How You can prepare

If you have time for some reading prior to your course, try to find out from your centre some information about the nationalities of the adults in your teaching practice classes. If this information is available to you, try to find information on the web on each nationality or buy the very good title edited by Michael Swann, suggested below

Swann, M - Learner English, (CUP)

Two very useful website links for learning about your learners

Assignmet 2 - Language Related Tasks

In this assignment you will be given some language to analyse from the point of view of its meaning and form. There are many different types of tasks used by different centres but your grammar background reading will be very helpful for this.