Once you have registered with an Authorised Teaching Awards Centre, you will be asked to undertake some preparation.

Your centre will send you a pack of materials which includes a little bit of reading and some questions for reflection.

Self Study Pack

It is a Cambridge regulation that you should complete all the tasks in this material in writing and take it to your chosen centre on the first day of your course. Your tutor only needs to check that you have done it and will give you an Answer Key to check whether your responses were acceptable.

You will not be graded for your answers but the preparation will help you a lot during your course, especially if you are following an intensive one with little time for extensive reading.


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Is a CELTA course as intensive as people say?

It can be, especially if you are following a full-time course. Be prepared to dedicate yourself fully to your course if it's an intensive one.

Do not do the course if you have big commitments - family, spouse, partner, parent or other. Do not do it if you are personally going through a difficult time personally/emotionally. Fatigue and pressure and can fray nerves. Do the course at a later time.

What does a timetable of work look like?

Four week courses can be very intensive. Click on this link to view a sample course timetable which will give you an idea of the range of topics and amount of work involved. Each candidate must be observed teaching for a total of six hours, distributed over 8 or 9 lessons beginning with shorter lessons and ending in a 60 minute lesson for each level.