**Success on Your Certificate Course in English Language Teaching a Guide to Becoming a Teacher in ELT/TESOL** by Caroline Brandt. A free PDF download of a very useful book which takes you through all the stages in deciding which course is suitable for you, whether you are suited to teaching and, once you have decided, how to help yourself during any course you have decided to follow.
Road to Teaching - A guide to Teacher training, Student teaching and finding a job a useful book available only for online reading from Scribd.

All the books suggested on the previous page will be of great assistance during your course as well

The TKT Course - you can read most of it on Google Books by clicking here

Some more useful books - you don't have to buy them all - one good methodology book and a couple of grammars - Aitken definitely useful

More and more blogs have posts dedicated to the CELTA - we hope to create a list of such blogs below - do leave a comment if you know of one and it will be added

Here are some useful blog posts and articles to help you while you are following your CELTA course.

Blog Posts by Marisa Constantinides (wiki creator)